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59. Paul Jacobs – 62 min – engelsk – Spirituelt Medium

Paul Jacobs Spiritual Medium podcast Paul Jacobs. Spiritual medium.

In this English episode of Claircast, you’ll meet the internationally renowned psychic medium, Paul Jacobs, who teaches at Stansted Hall, started his own spiritual school called the “House of Spirit” in Hannover, and conducts numerous workshops and private sittings across Europe.

Paul’s teacher and mentor was Gordon Higginson, one of the world’s most accomplished mediums.

Paul discusses and provides answers to the following questions:
– What does it take to become a proficient medium? How do you develop your abilities?
– Why is grounding and discipline so crucial in mediumship?
– How do you know which medium to approach and if they are good enough?
– What is the difference between the soul and the spirit?
– Can you communicate with a recently deceased person?
– How does the spiritual world communicate with us?
– Learn about Paul’s journey into working as a medium.

(Note: This is a summary of the English episode of Claircast featuring Paul Jacobs.)

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